Bits going down the recent memory lane from mid of August to mid-September, some important events are lingering in our minds and hearts. Rakshabandan, Onam and Teachers’ Day were some of the prominent feasts that were celebrated at BTC. On 27th of August Rakshabandan Day, our co-workers tied Rakhis to our Brothers, and Candidates. For many of our Candidates this was the eye opening to learn our culture and also gain the importance of this particular feast. Most of us were taken up by the noble gesture of our co-workers. On the eve of Teachers’ Day we had dual celebration. One was Teachers’ Day and the other was Onam. BTC was filled with the aroma of joy, happiness and celebration. Different groups were assigned to decorate different places. One of the groups also drew Pookalam. It is an intricate and colourful arrangement of flowers laid on the floor. To express their gratefulness the Candidates felicitated their Teachers by performing a wonderful cultural program and also by giving a small token of love which was prepared with their own hands. Fr. Francis, our Superior thanked the Teachers for their tremendous hard work, integrated teaching and dedication in teaching. In his address he spoke about the role of Teachers as accompaniment in the modern world. A brief story of Onam was also read out. On the Teachers’ Day we had Solemon Eucharist in honour of Bl.Mother Teresa and Teachers. In the evening we had Basketball Match between the Staff and the students. It was thrilling match to see the young spirit and old Monks. We were blessed with visit of our Vocation Promoter, Fr. Vijay Chokar SJ as our Chief Guest. He encouraged our Candidates to be committed in their learning. He also distributed the Quiz competition Prizes which were conducted by our scholastics. These experiences of celebrating the different feasts enables us to understand and be rooted in our culture. It has enhanced our respect for one another. As we are living in this pluralistic society this cultural celebration enables us to think globally and act locally.

Sch. Anthony B. Tribhuvan SJ