No service of faith without
     promotion of justice
     entry into cultures
     openness to other religious experiences

No promotion of justice without
     communicating faith
     transforming cultures
     collaboration with other traditions

No inculturation without
     communicating faith with others
     dialogue with other traditions
     commitment to justice

No dialogue without
     sharing faith with others
     evaluating cultures
     concern for justice

General Congregation 34 [47]


rossau2Ours is a service of faith and of the radical implications of faith in a world where it is becoming easier to settle for something less than faith and less than justice. We recognize, along with many of our contemporaries, that without faith, without the eye of love, the human world seems too evil for God to be good, for a good God to exist. But faith recognizes that God is active, through Christ’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit, to destroy the structures of sin which afflict the bodies and hearts of his children. Our Jesuit mission touches something fundamental in the human heart: the desire to find God in a world scarred by sin, and then to live by his Gospel in all its implications. This, the instinct to live fully in God’s love and thereby to promote a shared, lasting human good, is what we address by our vocation to serve faith and promote the justice of God’s Kingdom. Jesus Christ invites us, and through us the people we serve, to move, in conversion of heart, “from solidarity with sin to solidarity with him for humanity,” and to promote the Kingdom in all its aspects. General Congregation 34 [36].


Today, there are over 20,000 Jesuits spread across 112 countries. While history speaks eloquently of the Friends in the Lord, Jesuits no longer remain content with the established. They are men on a mission, ready to challenge convention and strive and work in whatever field possible that is conducive to the service of faith and justice. The only established motive that has ever remained constant is love for Christ. This love for Christ is the armour that every Jesuit dons, as he prepares to take on the world. What motivates him forward are just three questions he asks himself.