Our Mission

Companions of Jesus
In all we do, we are committed to Christ knowing that we are sinners yet called to be comapanions of Jesus. In one-way or another, we have all felt moved by Christ’s call: Come! Follow me!

At the Service of Faith and Justice

We hear the cry for justice and peace. We recognize the crucial struggle of our time: the struggle for faith, and that struggle for justice, which it inevitably involves. And so we try to focus all our efforts on the common task of radiating faith and witnessing to justice in the various cultures we find ourselves in.


missionFor us Jesuits, availability is of crucial importance. It means being free: free to go wherever the need is greatest, to meet the more urgent need, to achieve the more lasting and more universal good. It means being open, flexible, adaptable, creative in our response to a fast-changing world. We have always been available in a special way to the Pope. In recent times we have been asked to give particular attention to — the work of justice, the needs of refugees, the call to ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue and so on.

Contemplatives, even in the midst of action

We hope that our activity is solidly rooted in a life of prayer — prayer that is not merely formal, but is personal, intimate, from the heart. We would not wish to be mere activists, but rather men who strive continually to find God in all things, the God who is present in this world and its struggle between good and evil, faith and unbelief, justice and inequality, peace and disturbance. A God found in the tensions of our world.

Friends in the Lord
Our companionship is for service. We want to follow Christ together, and as a body, to serve wherever there is great need. As friends in the Lord we help one another to grow in the spirit of service and to become more and more men for others. There is usually great diversity in Jesuit communities: differences of age, temperament, and nationality. But we continually strive for a union of minds and hearts that will give quality to our service as Jesuits. We are companions of Jesus, and so follow him as he journeys through death to resurrection.