St. Joseph’s Night School, Pune



nightschoolThe advent of Indian independence had given a boost to industrial growth in Poona. Employment was available but education was required. Fr. James Alt. SJ, Teacher in St. Vincent’s High school, was involved in social work. He realized the need to provide on?going education to young adults, who had not gone to school or dropped out before completion. He formed St. Joseph’s Workers’ Association, started a literacy drive among uneducated workers, and opened St. Joseph’s School on Dec. l, 1950, on the premises of St. Vincent’s with the help of three teachers – Gelasius Coelho, J.P.D’souza, Walter D’Souza. By April 1951, 400 students and 8 teachers were on the rolls. The school received official recognition from the Education Dept. The first batch of five SSC students appeared for the public examination in October 1952.


“I was particularly happy to find a very high degree of motivation among both staff and students of the evening college and night school. I realize that it is not easy to educate drop-outs and working students as we do not have them with us for a long time, and moreover, they have other pre-occupations like their work: this makes it difficult for them to give themselves totally to their studies. Nevertheless their eagerness to study in spite of personal odds and the enthusiasm of the staff make up for the handicaps that one faces in such institutions.” (Fr. Herman Castellino – J.E.A. Secretary)



St. Joseph’s
Night High School,
St. Vincent’s Residence,
2004, St. Vincent Street,
Pune 411 001,
Tel 26340554