Jesuit pastoral ministries challenge the people of God to utilize their gifts in order to strengthen our Christian community. They are called to evangelize, to feed, to preach, to teach, to serve and to reconcile. They promote the Kingdom of God in everyday life. They seek God in all things, especially in the poor and in the marginalized of our society.

Jesuit parishes fulfill the fundamental mission of the Society of Jesus by living and preaching a faith that does justice, by entering into dialogue with other religious traditions, and by both challenging and integrating aspects of the contemporary culture.

A Jesuit parish provides a base for the ministries that characterized the early Jesuits: the giving of the Spiritual Exercises in all of their various adaptations, the preaching of God’s word both in and outside a liturgical setting, and the practice of personal and communal discernment. A Jesuit parish is a center for developing and fostering spirituality as well as a center for the liturgical worship of a faith community.