Media (Loyola Divyavani)



This Centre is situated in the rural area of Shrirampur in of the diocese of Nashik, Maharashtra, and caters to a catholic population  of over 1, 35,000 farmers and casual workers. The Centre started functioning in an old building with few basic amenities and equipment.


divyavaniThe objective is to train catechists and lay people in faith formation, value education and social awareness. It is hoped that those trained will become catalysts in the villages, working through primary centres, schools, colleges, to bring about religious and social transformation through action. Presently, vacation programmes are being worked out to equip children with skills outside the classroom and training drop-outs from schools in audio-visuals and maintenance of equipment. The medium of communication is Marathi. The Centre takes the programmes to the interior villages with the help of a mobile unit.


The programmes conducted are: Audio-Visual communication skills with repair and maintenance of equipment; Production of cassettes of social and religious awareness themes; Slide programmes in photography and videography to handle cameras and commentary; Recording bhajans, kirtans, balwadi songs; Street plays and folklore, retreats/seminars for students and lay people; Training school drop-outs, social awareness programmes for women; Outreach programmes on AIDS, Child Labour.