Social Action for the Development of Displaced and Abandoned Children (SADDAC) is based in Daund. SADDAC works with street children who are mostly found on railway platforms doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Overcoming the many barriers that came its way, SADDAC has grown from a makeshift shelter in 1997 to a proper house in 2004, thanks to our many benefactors. Today Viswadeep (the name of the house) is home to about 25 children most of whom are attending classes in a nearby school.


Slide4SADDAC was started on June 1, 1997 in a rented room in Daund, not close to the railway Station. In Oct.1998 another railway quarter with facilities of water, cooking, games, bathing, sleeping for boys was available. Soon a plot was purchased to build a shelter. The boys learnt about the purchase of land and volunteered to erect a make-shift shelter for themselves of corrugated tin sheets provided the materials and food were supplied to them on days when they worked.


On May 21, 1999, this shelter was completed and the railway quarter was given up. Now the centre includes a solid building where children stay and study. It also acts as a base for children who go to work on the platform for relaxation and recreation.


Vision Statement:

To facilitate, guide and rehabilitate young boys who are compelled by socio-economic and family hardships to leave the natural protection of their homes and take to the streets into vagrancy by restoring to them the opportunities for their normal growth and development.


Aims and Objectives:

This apostolate is to facilitate, guide and rehabilitate young boys (urchins on the streets, railway platforms, bus stations and garbage bins) who are unkempt, in rags, foraging for food and other needs, ignored and shooed away by society at large, yet somehow surviving and even occasionally cheerful in the age group 6-13 years, with emphasis on restoring them to the natural shelter of their families in homes.



Pansare Vasti,
Behind Telephone Exchange
Daund – 413 801
Dist Pune
Tel 02117 – 264880