On Jan 17, 2016 the Swiss Provincial Fr. Christian Rutischauser, SJ and Fr. Toni Kurmann, SJ, theSwiss Procurator, who were on their three-daycourtesy visit to the Province were received with awarm welcome.

On their arrival they visited our 15 Candidates atBTC and the Candidates received them with amelodious welcome song. In their message to the Hitguj 3 Jan. 2016 Candidates, both Fr. Christian and Fr. Toni encouraged the Candidates to do well in their studies and told them that the Society needs many more Candidates like them, so continue praying for the good vocations to the Society.

In the evening Thanksgiving Eucharist, presided over by Fr. Christian, in the memory of Swiss Missionaries, who toiled and worked hard in building up Jesuit works in Pune, was offered in St. Xavier’s Church, Pune. Remarkable number of faithful participated in the Eucharist and thanked God for the Swiss Missionaries and for their hard work. In the latter half of the same evening about 30 Pune Jesuits working in Pune and Kolhapur Districts gathered together for fruitful knowledge interactions. Jesuits present there were very happy with their inspiring sharing.

On 18 Jan 2016, they paid a visit to Social Centre, which is founded by a Swiss Missionary Fr. Herman Bacher. During their visit they inaugurated a project at Karanji – Bhattiwadi which will commence soon. The villagers together with their Sarpanch Villager Leader welcomed and felicitated the Guests and thanked them for their constant support. They were on the whole very happy with works and activities of Social Centre. In the evening a concelebrated Mass in memory of Swiss Missionaries who worked in Ahmednagar and Beed Districts was offered. A good number of faithful and parishioners participated in the Eucharist and thanked God and the Missionaries for what they had done for them. Then Fr. Christian and Fr. Toni interacted with the Jesuits working in the Ahmednagar and Beed Districts, as they were keen on knowing the good works the Jesuits are engaged in there.

On the following day a visit to Dnyanamata Unit was paid and then to St. Mary’s Church and cemetery where our beloved Missionaries are buried. Swiss Provincial and Procurator offered a floral tribute to these late Stalwart Missionaries. Before noon on the same day two Projects of Nandanvan Trust were visited and they were appreciative of the good work carried out by the Nandanvan Trust. During the interactions and dialogues the Jesuits and the faithful were running short of words to thank God for the gift of the Swiss Missionaries and their mission works. Many treasure the sweet and fond memories of our Missionaries. We pray for the repose of the Missionaries who have returned to their Heavenly Father, and we continue praying for God’s blessings on our Missionaries and their works.